Becoming -Corpus

Meditative stillness, physical extremity, and an environment of 6 channel real-time video converge in the Becoming – Corpus stage production: a kinetic experience of altered time and space, tracing the relationships and transformations among beings, the individual, and society. Performance and design intersect to create a striking landscape where the body becomes an interface between what may be expressed and some other hidden realm of infinite potential that is ultimately inexpressible. Becoming – Corpus also encompasses a visual art installation in the BAM Fisher’s Peter Jay Sharp Lobby and a book related to the production. September 12th - 15th Tickets: Start at $20 / and Tickets for Opening and Closing Nights are ONLY available via For assistance, call 347 838 4677 Venue: BAM Fisher (Fishman Space) | 321 Ashland Place | Brooklyn, NY LEIMAY: Ximena Garnica & Shige Moriya is the duo behind CAVE, the New York Butoh Festival, and the Williamsburg SOAK festival. Comprising photography, video art, installation, and dance, and often involving interdisciplinary collaborations and training projects, LEIMAY’s sculptural, video, and light installations and contemporary performances are rooted in the body, integrating instinct-grounded choreographies and mesmerizing environments. Their performances juxtapose sound, video, light, and movement to create multi-sensory experiences that range from wild physicality to contemplative silence. Learn more about LEIMAY:

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