Sissonne for 3-4 year-olds

North Dakota Ballet Company's Mary Noel demonstrates how she teaches her 3-4 year old students sissonne.

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#7 =D
What a creative idea!!!
#6 nice
i dont understand why people are questioning her teaching this, the earlier you learn a move the better. i think its a great idea.
#5 sissonne for young students
Huh... also, I do no see the importance to teach sissone at a very young age as it is very easy to learn later on! I am puzzled...! (I have been teaching children for 30 years)... D.H
#4 Cool vid
That was an awesome video/great idea.You really know your stuff.
#3 Huh..
What is the developmental value of having the children learn sissone at age 3 or 4? If the concept is jumping off two feet and landing on one, why do you have helpers focusing on straightening the leg? How many helpers do you have and why do you feel this concept is important? The only reasoning you present is so they can do it on stage.

#2 great idea
thank you
#1 Cute Idea
I'm always looking for new creative/fun ways to teach preschoolers dance. This one is great. Thanks!
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