Kitris Variation

Kitris Variation Performed by 12 yr old Christina Collins In Motion Dance Center Rehearsed by Deane Petrushke

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Overall rating: 2.5
Votes: 11
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#8 :(
Try to be more sassy. Kitri is supposed to be flirtatious
#7 SMILE!!! :)
hey i'm 12 this year (2009) and i just got over stage fright last year. but seriously, you look like you are being tortured!!!! this is a performing art!! and you're KITRI for pete's sake!!!!!! flirty and silly! get into it!!! be your character!!!! it's no fun to look at you!!! relax and have fun!!! you don't want people to look at you and say, "what's wrong w/ her? it looks like she hates dancing!!!!!!" chillax and you'll do great!!!!i know you're nervous, but the audience shouldn't see that!!!
This is dance. You need to have more expression.
#5 ideas
1. i would try working on your feet more because they have real potential. 2. have more energy!! get excited!! it's kitri!! :-) she's flirty and fun and you have to get really into it, ok? :-) 3. i would try not exactly posing more, but not being so mushy.. itsliketalkinglikethis. doesn't it make more sense to talk nice and clean and clear? that's how your dancing has to be as well. GREAT JOB!!! :-)
#4 great effort
I think you should work try to bring out kitris charatcer a little bit more. I think your an amazing dancing though keep up the good work.

#3 Superb
You have superb feet! Try dancing alittle more lifted, not so held down.
#2 :)
here is a tip for you. work on how you get out of your poses because sometimes they look alittle akward. That was really nice otherwise. nice feet!!!
#1 Tips
3 Tips: 1. You don't seem very light on your feet. But that can be easily corrected. 2. Point your feet when you jump! 3. Try to hold the poses longer. It gives them the wow factor. But overall that was really good for someone 12 years old! How long have you been dancing en pointe?
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