SINOPSIS Metropolis Video Danza

The Show Metropolis Video-Dance is a contemporary dance choreography which is merged with the audiovisual format in order to expand and strenghen the choreographic possibilities. This work uses the obsession of men with power as a theme, placed in a science fiction scenario, which by means of a sarcastic language shows us how it passes and faces different stages it has to go through; stages that are shown as icons representing the different powers mankind longs for to be able reach the last hierarchical ranking. The purspose is to compose, through the cinematography, the integration with other artistic disciplines in order to reach certain staging so as to allow dancing be inserted within a particular narrative language. The reflection of the work interprets how different displays of power reverberate in social inequality promoted by economy policies and how these differences are transfomed into conditions which reveal the relationship of the subject with their bodies. Thus, it shows how these social factors influence human behavior in regards to themselves, to peers and to their enviroment.

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#1 well .....
um that was very diffrent.
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