Kara Gossen - Dance Spirit 2008 Cover Model Search entrant

Kara Gossen - 2008 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search entrant

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#7 great
you are so much fun to watch no music :( but it was still great
#6 I can't hear the music
Is there something wrong because I couldn't hear the music. Dance looks awesome...just need music to compliment it.
#5 Look for my Other video-
Search for 'hiphop' (one word) and it's at the bottom of the list- Second And Dryades! :)
#4 Good routine...
but there were not enough jumps and there was, as you know, no sound
#3 ?????
That was a questionable rountine, you didn't show enough of your technique & movement. to many spirit fingers

#2 No Sound...
There was music when I performed this but whoever posted it up did not include it. :(
#1 ?
no sound? huh?
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