Hada lila (Lilac Fairy)

Sleeping Beauty (La Bella durmiente). Katherina Madriz, San Jose, costa Rica.

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Keywords: lilac fairy, hada lila, katherina madriz, costa rica ballet pointe performance
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#16 beautiful!
make sure to keep your leg in the hip socket for arabesque so you dont look like a peeing dog!!! But Gorgeous!
#15 a few suggestions...
just watch your arms in general, and try to turn out coming out of the pique turns, and i agree about the jumps. you get a little of the music during them... but its a really hard variation so good job=]]
#14 About the jumps
Thanks for yor comments! Specially the second time! When I slept before I even start the jump!!
#13 I agree with another user...
... the jumps could be much better
#12 mmm..
it's not really exceptional.. there's certain parts i like, don't get me wrong.. however.. there's just something about the movements and certain techniqual things just that "erk" me.

#11 Lindísimo!!
Bravo!! Es una muestra de lo que es capaz de lograr Katherina en el escenario. Felicitaciones!! Digna representante de su país y del Ballet Juvenil Costarricense.
#10 great...
but please more effort on the jumps!
#9 very nice
such effortless jumps!
#8 Dem Linda
Te felicito muy lindo el baile...
#7 eres la mejor
que chiva amiga te quiero mucho

#6 Felicitaciones a la bailarina
Es Realmente una interpretación hermosa! de las mejores que he visto del Hada Lila. Digna representación del buen nivel del Ballet Juvenil Costarricense. Felicitaciones!!
#5 impresionante
esa es la fuerza, el espiritu y el amor a lo que haces
#4 q chiva kathe!!!!
dem chiva como siempre q todo te salga duper bn!!!
#3 demasiado bello..!!
Kathe eres genial en lo que haces..!! te felicito y sigue asi!! SIEMPRE para delante!!
#2 insisto!!! que lindo!!
Muchos exitos Kathe!!!!

#1 beautiful...
but when you turn you butt sticks out and you cross you pase...but thats a lovely peice and you have a great stage presense
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