Handy-Dandy Dance (GORGEOUS TANGO MUSIC!!)

Keep Calm and Tango On!! Remember how Blake Shelton does that little "finger thing" when he is introduced on THE VOICE? Well, inspired by his "finger thing", I created this video! This is how it came to pass: I was typing on the computer while playing this music on my ITUNES. But I'm a dancer. And a choreographer. And I can't sit still listening to this gorgeous music!!! So first came a little shoulder roll... (then type, type, type)...then a little head tilt... (type, type, type)...a little side bend in the torso...(type, type, type) until I realized I had stopped typing and was just improvising to the music using my hands and fingers!!! Now I have a lamp next to my computer and it throws a shadow of me on the wall. Well, one thing led to another and soon I was filming this improvisation to this awesome tango music! I like to use a lot of whimsy and humor in my choreography, so I hope you enjoy the tongue-in-cheek tango reference, when I "let my fingers do the walking"! (By the way, this was the first and only take of the Improv...One & Done!) FOOTNOTE: No middle fingers were harmed during the filming of this dance. For the solo work, I used my index finger.

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