Outta Control

Ariana Sperling Tap Solo "Outta Control" Thunderstruck Regional 2008 2nd Overall Tap Excellence Award

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Event: 2009 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search
Category: Tap
Keywords: Tap, Hoofing, Ariana Sperling, Dance thunderstruck dance competition performance
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Overall rating: 3.5
Votes: 13
45 points


#6 Wonderful
ive done tap before but nothin like that!!!!!
#5 Ummm...
Tap excellence award?
#4 From a 10 year old
I'm letting my 10 y.o. son who has only been tapping for 2.5 years help me 'judge' - he says a 1, I said a 2 for a couple of nice rhythms. He said somethings not right, his words, I agree; there were areas where the steps didn't fit the music, to much down time, not enough tapping. I'm glad you did good at your competition, but my 10 year old could tap around that routine...
You did work girl!
#2 totally fab!
great routine! love it!

#1 Woah!
Tap ISN'T my thing but I really liked your routine!
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