something very special to my heart. my personal story of trust and taking chances with yourself and stepping outside the box. music- "i'm here" by drehz.. and "crosses" by jose gonzalez.. choreography-lenorris arnold.. dancers-thomas porter, alexis beffer, grant griffin, mariel trimble, lakesha sowell, and michelle garcia.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2014
Category: General
Keywords: lenorris arnold crosses drehz jose gonzalez dance inspire contemporary art
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#50 Lenny
Beautiful Lenny!💚
#49 chances
what a beautiful dance lenny!you are such amazing with that mibe of yours! love the piece!
#48 chances
love it!
#47 chances
#46 chances
great job!

#45 chances
I love this lenny! you always make it right! I just love ur choerophy!
#44 chances
great job lenny! love the flow of it!
#43 chances
such amazing dancer and choreropher!love u lenny!
#42 chances
#41 chances
nice choeorphy!

#40 chances
hi! lenorris,you are amazing with this choeorgraphy of your!it is truly climbing the charts!people are talking about your talented work everywhere! you are truly letting your talent flow all over this place! thank GOD for you and the patient that you have with all of these kids!we love and adore you to the highest!you are destine to being the most diverse choreorphyer ! love u dearly!
#39 chances
great choreorgraphy lenny! God is really moving in u life! you have grown so strong in so many areas! lenny you are definitely going places that u never dream of! keep striving young it is going to pay off for you! you are truly amazing to this universe! and I love you sooo much for what you pour into our kids! they are honored to have you in their dance world!
#38 chances
great job lenny!
#37 chances
#36 chances

#35 chances
just love every min. of this video! beautiful choeorghaphy!
#34 chances
love this!
#33 chances
do your thing lenny! love you! you are such amazin guy!May GOD continue to keep his arms around you!
#32 chances
amazing talent!
#31 chances
super!! you never cease to amaze me! love your work!

#30 chances
you are incredible choeorpher!i love all of your work you are putting out here!and not only me but the world is discovering your great work!i am so glad to be a part of your world! good luck lenny!
#29 chances
this is beautiful!
#28 chances
lenny you are incredible talented!
#27 chances
love it
#26 chances
u are a brilliant young man lenny! love it!

#25 chances
awesome lenny!beautiful choerorphy!
#24 chances
love it! great job!
#23 chances
great job lenny!beautiful music! beautiful ladies!and beautiful choerorphy!
#22 chances
well done!awesome work!
#21 chances
awesome!u go head on with ur talented self!

#20 chances
this piece u chorergraph is beautiful! u took a chance! and it is a winner! proud of u!
#19 chances
well done!
#18 chances
wow!wow!wow! love this!
#17 chances
lenorris I have been following u a long time in your dance world! u have grown to be amazing dancer and choeropher! I am so very proud of you! I look to see u own the front cover of a magazine very soon! God is really working in ur life! keep God first in all u do and the sky is the limit for u! love u soo much and good luck in ur famous world! please don't for get about me!i also see that u are in high demand for all ur talented work u do out here! I see u are traveling all over the world love u!
#16 chances
amazing young man! u sleep,dream and breeth this!we love you!

#15 chances
lenny u are awesome!
#14 chances
u have always been my favorite! when it comes to dance!ur just an amazing young man!and I am so proud of u!
#13 chances
u are just too talented for ur own good!
#12 chances
great job!
#11 chances
boy u are awesome! great piece!

#10 chances
love it!lenny u are awesome with ur imagination!
#9 chances
all I can say this piece is awesome!i give it a 5 starrr babbbyyyy! love u lenny! lookin for an autograph!
#8 chances
this is a beautiful piece lenny!love it!
#7 chances
love it! amazing piece! u rock lenny!
#6 chances
u are a true genius when it comes to dance!this is an amazing piece! love it! God got his hands on u!

#5 chances
this is awesome lenny!u have a brilliant mind! keep it up! amazing choreoghy!
#4 chances
lenny it is a large group of us! we give u 5 stars!
#3 chances
this is so soothing to soul! cant stop watching this!
#2 chances
lenny I love the set up! beautiful!May GOD CONTINUE to bless u! u have been a blessing in so many people lives! love u!keep on reaching to the top GOD got a blessing with ur name on it!
#1 chances
lenny u are amazing choreorphy! this is a beautiful piece!
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