Grace Fairy - Sleeping Beauty

Me doing grace fairy from sleeping beauty. Some of the hops are off pointe though. it was performed at art beat in the century center of downtown south bend.

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#15 uh oh
you need to make sure you are all the way on your box. you could really hurt yourself if you don't. otherwise pretty.
#14 uh oh
you need to make sure you are all the way on your box. you could really hurt yourself if you don't. otherwise pretty.
#13 Tip. :)
Your movements and extensions would appear so much longer and more beautiful if you would quickly lift, almost flick, the working leg two-three inches higher at the very last moment before lowering it. But maintain control while doing so. Keep working hard! :)
#12 raw talent
you have some raw talent, now i would work on really molding your body technique-wise. :-)
#11 : )
that was very good. one tip though: When on pointe point your toes more! But other than that it was great!

#10 OMG
I love hops on point they are sooo beautiful
#9 lovely
I always thought those hops en pointe looked rather painful. but i think you have great potential keep up the good work!
#8 beautiful dancer
but be careful not to scrunch up your body and tighten up in your shoulders when doing ur hops en pointe
#7 okay
you did well but you feet will need to get stronger over all great job
#6 great!
good job! just make your hands a little bit stronger and make sure u r always completly over the box of your shoe but beautiful costume and nice balance! keep dancing !!!!

#5 lovely
go ky!!!!!!!! beautiful!!!!! i didn't know u were on heretoo!!! i've said this a throusand times but again lovely job!
#4 good...
this is a good variation i had it this summer your rolling backwards on pointe care full!!
#3 Very nice!
As someone who's danced this variation before, I know how tricky it is! You are beautifully poised and have a gorgeous port de bras. Keep it up!
#2 So Precious
Keep working on those hops and back bourees till they look effortless. But you had a lovely grace about you. Keep on training.
#1 GREAT!!!!!!
Loved It!
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