Wake Me Up

This beautiful performance by Hannah Rose Gonzalez of St Augustine Beach, FL was choreographed by her Dance Company instructor, Catie Burkhardt. At Showstoppers Competition in Jacksonville, she received second place in her division and 8th overall. She also placed with this number at Dance America in Tampa.

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#26 Wake Me Up/Hannah Rose
#25 Hannah Rose
Great job. She is so talented!!
#24 Wake me up
Simply amazing!!
#23 Talented!!!
The movement of the dancer and music was in sinc, talented girl!
#22 Dance Angel
Remember Rose: Dancers are athletes of God :)

#21 Gorgeous Dancer
Absolutely lovely to watch this talented young lady!
#20 Rose Gonzalez - Dance
Incredible young woman, with great potential and ability to grow even more.
#19 Wake Me Up
Nothing could be more beautiful!!!!
#18 Awesome
Love watching her dance.
#17 hannah rose
such grace and talent, sure to reach her goals! a treasure!

#16 Wake me Up
Rose is a beautiful dancer...such grace and fluid lines!
#15 beautiful
This dance brought tears to my eyes!
#14 Sweet Rose
Such a beautiful talented dancer. Good luck sweet Rose you are amazing!
#13 Wake me up
Rose is the best!
#12 Wake Me UP by Hannah
Wow, Hannah!!

#11 Absolutely Beautiful
A diamond in the rough. I look forward to future performances as Hannah matures and perfects her incredible skills. Much admiration for Hannah's hard work and commitment to her craft.
#10 h rose!!
Very beautiful young lady! Her moves are graceful. Very talented!! My favorite!!!
#9 Lovely!
She is a true talent!
#8 Lovely!
She is a true talent!
#7 Wow
What a talented, beautiful young lady Can't believe how grown up she is becoming!

#6 Wake me up
Just lovely!! Well done
#5 Wake Me Up
Beautiful piece performed by Rose .....flows with ease...excellent
#4 Fantastic
Great Job she deserves everything coming her way.. Well done
#3 Ability
She has amazing potential for someone her age.
#2 The best
Such a beautiful piece!

#1 Beautiful!!!
This is gorgeous!!
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