The River in You

My name is Kaitlin Roberts. I am 15 years old, and I choreographed this contemporary routine myself. I hope to get a scholarship to the NYC jazz/contemporary intensive in the summer. Thank you for watching.

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#29 Kaitlin
This video is absolutely amazing!! She is so tAlented! So flexible and true ly Gifted in dance. I hope she has the opportunity to enhance her technique at Joffrey!
#28 Kaitlin Roberts
Kaitlin is an amazing dancer and she should be able to show other people her talent. She looks really beautiful when dancing!=)
#27 kaitlin
love those legs!!!
#26 kaitlin
love those legs!!!
#25 Kaitlin
Great dance!!!!! I wish you the best of luck. Donna

#24 kaitlin
clean and crisp
#23 #1
So clean! Very lovely Kaitlin!
#22 Awesome
Well done! Very beautiful
#21 Amazing!
You are such a wonderful dancer! Love this dance
#20 Gorgeous!
Kaitlin you are truly an amazing dancer and I loved your choreography! I know you will get this scholarship because you really deserve it! Love you so much(:

#19 Beautiful!
Amazing! I hope you get your scholarship...Goodluck:)
#18 Beautiful!
Best of Luck!
#17 Good Luck!
Good luck Kaitlin! Your such an incredible dancer! Love you!
#16 Good luck
Good job
#15 Gorgeous!
That scholarship is yours :) love you!

#14 Beautiful
That was wonderful and you are wonderful. Good Luck!
#13 Kaitlin
Loved your choreography. Great lines!
#12 Beautiful :)
Good Luck!
#11 Go Kaitlin!
#10 Kaitlin

#9 Kaitlin
You r a beautiful dancer! LOVE to watch you!!!! good luck!
#8 Kaitlin
Great job with your choreography! We love to watch you dance. Good luck:)
#7 Beautiful
Beautiful choreography and dancer! Good luck Kaitlyn!
#6 Kaitlin
Good luck Kaitlin! You are such a beautiful dancer!!
#5 Kaitlin dance
Good luck, you are awesome!!

#4 Amazing
Good luck!
#3 Kaitlin
Fantastic!!! What a beautiful and talented dancer!
#2 Nice Job
Good luck. You are a beautiful dancer.
#1 Kaitlin
Wonderful student -- very dedicated, driven, and focused!
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