Pas de Trois from Paquita

Isabella (the shortest of the three) with Bronwyn and Kelly during Nevada Ballet Theater's 2008 Summer Intensive Program Performance. Isabella and Kelly are 10 1/2 yrs. old, and Bronwyn, is 11 yrs. old. The girls had been on pointe shoes for 2 months.

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#18 Pointe?
I also think that they are too young. Shouldn't they prepare better? they have enough years of ballet ahead. However, well done
#17 Pointe
please point your feet, and age doesnt matter as long as the dancer is strong enough, there are 9 year olds in my pointe class.
#16 uhhh...
ok, thes kids SHOULD NOT be on pointe! u can tell by watching them, they just don't have the strength or stamina!!! they can't even point their feet!!!!
#15 wow
my first 2 months of pointe i wasn't even allowed to get near my shoes.....all three of you guys are very lucky!!!!
#14 Remember...
Try to make each step clear so that the audience can see exactly what the coreography is. And Isabella, you look like you have really good extension so keep up the good work!

#13 age doesnt matter
i started pointe when i was in 6th grade so it doesnt matter how old you are when you start its about how strong you are
#12 age
age doesnt matter for pointe ( i mean if a four year old is on pointe theres a problem ) but there are children in cpyb (central pennsylvania youth ballet) are as young as the girls in the video are and are on pointe because they have had training and are strong enough. so it all really depends on how strong you are a dancer.
#11 ??????
Well it is very cool that they are on point but I am 12 and not even on point and I think they are just to young
#10 shame on you nevada
shame on you nevada ballet for allowing 10.5 year olds to go on pointe; especially when their first 2months are in that sort of summer intensive enviornment where they are expected to dance for hours a week in a shoe that needs careful introduction to the body.
#9 wow
I am quite shocked that 10 year olds are dancing en pointe. but the girl who did the solo first was really good she has loads of potential.

#8 As long as she's being careful...
I will admit that they may be a tad young. However these girls (especially the one featured the most in the the video) appears to be strong enough. It's not like she's falling off her box or anything, and for only being en pointe for 2 months she's doing really well.
#7 :)
For being on pointe for 2 months i think they did a pretty good job. At my 2 month mark I still couldn't do alot of those steps. I do think that the 10 year olds especially are a little young for pointe and they should have at least waited until they're 11 at the youngest. Thats when i started but good job.
#6 Not too young
I don't think these girls are too young to be on pointe. All professional dancers start at a young age and if they train properly they will not hurt themselves.
#5 i agree
i agree with all comments below, but some people forget that most professionals have been en pointe from a very young age. i just got on pointe, but my teacher has been en pointe since she was six years old.
#4 bad bad bad!!!!!!!!!!
not only are these girls far too young and inexperienced to be en piont they are very sloppy this piece on flat would be a chalenge for these girl s they arnt ready

#3 What is the teacher thinking???
I have been teaching ballet and pointe for 33 years. How can any teacher put girls this young en pointe! These girls bones have not hardened enough at such a young age. Pointe done this young looks more like a circus act than a performance of the art of ballet.
#2 way too young
who are these poor girls' teachers!! are you crazy! they are so young. and did anyone else notice they only went on pointe about five or six times?
#1 They seem a little young for pointe...
Maybe I'm just getting old but these girls seem a little young to be en pointe, not from a strength perspective but from a lack of bone ossification perspective. I'm also concerned about how they're not getting their heels down in their jumps. But the choreographer did a nice job of simplifying the choreography for their level
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