Katie received 1st place for this Open Dance at the Detroit Regionals in 2008. She has won numerous Titles and Awards. She was also a member of the Shockwave Professional Dance Team for the Detroit Shock Womens Basketball team.

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#32 ...
Thank you for that wonderful performance! Good luck in the future. I think you'll have a very promising career in the world of dance.
#31 hey
hi wow this is great i kno a katie p who dances in macomb michigan but she doesnt go to your studio but i kno someone who does go to your studio named Devin Nash if you see her tell her izi's sister maddie says hi we went to ADC together like 5 years ago but then we moved to FL i miss everyone who used to be at ADC!
#30 YOU are...
...amazing! Katie, over the past 10 years we've been watching you grow into this beautiful, talented young woman and we are so proud of you. We love you and can't wait to see you on the cover! Love, Sabine & Dan
#29 Katie <3
You amaze me more & more each and every day w/ your dancing ability. It broke my heart the day my younger sister surpassed me with her danceing skills. I guess it just proves that God gives different talents to different people in hopes that we can use them. Your dancing is so moving and so real. Everytime I open this website to see how you are doing I watch you dance. You have so much passion in what you do. This is what you were destined to do! God has given YOU the gift... Now run with it...
#28 good luck
amazing job katie! good luck! the sheffields

#27 YOU
Why am I not surprised you have always been blessed with being a star dancer. I am so proud of you. Love Lady
#26 incredible
absolutely incredible katie. you've always amazed me with your dancing, since the 4th grade. good luck with everything :]
#25 Thank you
Excellent job Katie-Thanks for your help - 4th Girls
#24 <3 youu
your amazing babes
#23 Cover Material
Great job! You definately keep people excited the entire time, I look forward to seeing you on the cover. Keep up the good work!

#22 Great job
Katie, Love the dance, love the dancer, love the studio. keep dancing. See you on the cover
#21 And so she danced...
Very impressive!!!
#20 best friend!!!
i love you...ur my favorite to watch dance =)
good job babe and good luck ur an amazing dancer you deserve this.
#18 You
Awesome keep it up I see you on the cover

#17 U GO
Katie - Great job, keep up the hard work, hope to see you on the cover, enjoy !!
Katie! amazing job love! you're an amazing dancer! i love & miss you girl - Jackie
hey katie. love you girl.. good luck. - LOVE SAMM MILLER BITCH
love you katie! good luck babe. <3 melissa
your such an amazing dancer =)

#12 "YOU"
Katie-Koozer,great job! so proud of 'you'...l.h.p. a/dona...u/walt
You are amazing!! I remember going to all of your competitions before.. def miss that! But you did so good!! Cant wait to hear the Good News when we find out you won!! YAY LOVE YOU SOO SOO MUCH!! bff4l :-p
#10 Cover Girl
Hey Kates, Make sure you let me know which month you will be on the COVER!!!
#8 AWESOME!!!!
You are the best! We love you Katie!!! - Your Big Brother

#7 YOU
I Love this dance Katie. Great Job!!
#6 Your video
WOW ! Very nice!
#5 You
Congrats on an awesome job!
#4 Your Dance. . .
is Neat-O!!!
#3 Good luck!
We love you Katie and miss you - Shelbie

#2 YOU
great job katie!!!!! missing u
#1 You....
Great job on this solo !
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