Chasing Cars

Caroline Fagan Age 15 Roswell City Dance Choreography: Shannon Childers

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Overall rating: 3.9
Votes: 89
350 points


#17 nice
this is a great dance and you are a great dancer I just have one comment why exactly are you smiling I don't feel this to be a happy song ... unless you do in which case I am insane
your going to win because you are amazing!!! i love you and that was beautiful!! :)
#15 Caroline's dance
I love watching you dance. You always tell a good story with your moves.
#14 Chasing Cars
Amazing dancer. You made me cry, Caroline. Your execution was excellent right down to facial expressions. Beautiful dancer, beautiful choregraphy, beautiful girl, beautiful costume. Wow. You deserve to win this. Good luck.
#13 chasing cars
beautiful caroline....i love watching you dance!

#12 Versatile Dancer
I also enjoyed your duet "The Promise" and your group piece "Vogue". Good luck with this contest.
#11 Wow
Caroline, you are such a great story teller with every part of your body. That is great dance.
#10 My hero!
Caroline, you are seriously my hero. But then already knew that ;) Love you!
#9 Caroline Fagan must WIN!!!!
Wow!! That is all I have to say, once again you have left me speechless. Amazing and beautiful are the only words I can think of but it doesn't even do your performance justice. Great Job Caroline!!
caroline you are a rockstar. amazing!

#7 chasing cars
awesome! this dance gave me chills because it was so real and organic..she showed great emotion and really connected with her music, good job!
#6 caroline!
you are amazing!
#5 Caroline
Caroline - You are a very beautiful and talented dancer! It was very moving! Love, TAF
#4 caroline fagan's dance
Caroline is the best dancer I know.. The dance went perfectly with the words which made it so realistic! You looked so pretty caroline, I can't wait to see another dance of yours! Love you <3
#3 another dance
this is the girl who does "the promise" which is also AMAZING!

#2 caroline
caroline is such a beautiful girl.. her moves are SO expressive and fluid. i was smiling the whole time! thanks for sharing!!
#1 caroline fagan beautiful and lyrical
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