Sugarplum Variation

Excerpts from 2013 Nutcracker rehearsal

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#4 sugarplum variation
This girl did a really good job, obviously improvements can be made however she clearly is dancing because she loves it
#3 Okay last one! XD
Anywhoo, i think joffrey would. be a great thing for you. so much already there that they could work with and fine tune. Keep up the good work.
#2 ....
Pulll up out of your hips so you can better straighten your knees. try using your obliques and seee if that helps.
#1 corrections and good job
Good job. Point yor feet in pas de chat and the pireotte in fourth needs much work. Your feet are strong- the bourees back were pretty. on the other bourees id cross my feet more. but good job.
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