Generation X- Bolshoi Ballet Academy

Choreography by Eric Conrad, premiered at the Moscow State Choreographic Academy (bolshoi Academy)

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Event: Pointe Video of the Month
Category: Ballet
Keywords: Bolshoi Theater academy ballerina vaganova eric conrad pointe ballet performance contemporary
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Overall rating: 3.3
Votes: 25
83 points


#21 Outstanding Perfomrnace
Shared to my fanpage of Facebook. This performance along with music is Exceptional, no doubt! Fabulous You! XOXO
#20 mixed
it was okay...it was a nice try, but some of the dancers were off counts. it doesn't do any justice to the way we uphold the art form itself though. a little more practice would help.
#19 Pretty good!
I really liked it but I was a bit dissappointed I expected a little more. There were some great parts then some that were just boring. I loved the music though and thought it was really good. I think my expectations were too high when I read some of the comments
#18 Great video!
I love this video, the dancing and the music. What's the name of the song and and the artist?
#17 Good job on rising your counts
People can say all they want... but it's not that good... your ability to rise your own counts to promote weak choreography is overrated!

#16 Ok
Regular ballet combinations. It's ok, but the guys should stay together more during combinations.
#15 That is perfect
Just perfect. I wish I could dance this dance.
#14 That is great
That is great. I like the choreography and music. The dancer are good.
#13 boring
sorry, the choreography doesn't go with music, costumes are distracting, and some of the males are really weak dancers.
#12 I cant stop!
I cant stop watching it! I just love it.

#11 Wonderful to watch
It was just total eye candy, wasn't. I truly and throughly enjoyed that.
#10 I love dance
I love dance. Amazing choreography. I wish I could dance like that.
#9 Music and dance
I love the music. But the music doesnt go that well with the choreography. Maybe it's me... but I don't know. I think the steps do not catch each and every beats that well. But good try, and I really would love to see more modern chor in Russian companies.
#8 I love the music.
I cant imagine what it must of felt like dancing to this song i love it. the dancing was amazing also, I really enjoyed it i want to see more dancing like this!
#7 stunning
Just stunning

#6 21 century
This really looks like the beginnings of the future of Russian ballet, good to see some more contemporary work being done in the academy
#5 to Eric "it is Amazing"
I can't stop watching this video. It is great. I agree you are an amazing choreographer.
#4 Wow
wow that was great!
#3 Comment from Russia
I remember this dance in the Bolshoi Academy, the audience went crazy, BRAVO! This is the best choreography we've seen in many generations
#2 Perfect Name and Everything
Oh this is SOOOOOOO good. It was beuatiful and went with the music and most of all the thing I liked was the way it showed the way our generation is. The way we are. For those of us who are that young. It shows our engergy and all the stuff. Just beautiful!

#1 to Eric Conrad
Great coreography! You are an amazing coreographer. They're also great dancers, just need a little more coordination.
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