Via Dolorosa - Blair Ely

thi is my solo it got second runner up for teen miss nexstar and 8th overall PLEASE VOTE!! and comment!!! i love to hear your comments :)) also watch porcelain heart for dancespirit video of the month!! thx for watchin :):):)!

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Event: Dance Spirit Future Star of the Month
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#7 Awesome
i really like it and your very clean...but you need more emotion and u need 2 throw yourself into the dance...very nice job :)
#6 Lines
you have very beautiful lines and try to show a little more emotion Great Dance!
#5 Give Yourself a Pat on the Back
You have a lot of talent and the right body to show the beauty of balletic lines.What you need to do is believe in yourself completely without holding back.You seem self-critical. If I'm reading you correctly,I hope you will dance because you love it but not because you have to be "perfect" at it.The excellence in technique will come-you've already come a good distance already.To combat self-criticism write 10 things you did well in rehearsal or class each day. What you focus on grows.
#4 Great Job
Flexibiity is amazing, technique is beautiful but for me not a lot of emotion showed. I would show more emotion, look like your loving it, tell a story. But wonderful job.
#3 Blair
You did very well... your technique is impecable, but watch that, try and losen up, you look very strained. try to let go of that techniue a bit, don't forget about it, or it looks like it was never there. Try to losen up next time, and let go of your technique, this will help you in many ways. Your flexibility helps you ammencely in this number, you look comfortable with all of your kicks, but in many other steps, you look like your holding back alot, you look like you could do so much more!

#2 Love it!!!!
You are a great dancer! Your movement is fluid and you're very flexible. You must put a lot into your dancing, it definately shows!
#1 Blair...
Pretty dancer & Pretty dance...........
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